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Seasonal Portraits Club - Spring

from 67.21


100% Aquilana wool


This Club is dedicated  to those brief moments when you stop to look beyond daily life, and take a deep dive in each season mood.


Images guide us to explore nature and feelings evoked.


SPRING Edition is the first step of this journey, and is devoted to lightheartedness and  awakening energy all around.

When all of a sudden wildlife starts bursting here and there the woods, we let ourselves be drawn by such small things, like a bud blooming, stones wet of dew, bees buzzing around in the air.


Think of a late afternoon, when the sun is just about to set
In a wide meadow surrounded by the woods a group of roe deer has just come to eat and play after a long day of hiding..
They come out  like dancing, with no fear and hassle,  just before dark when humans are not around, and the sky turns pink and gold.

We developed a dedicated shade with this image in our eyes: the mauve-lavender dusty pink of the twilight sky, with little dots of caramel and hazelnut, spruce green leaves, golden bronze tiny creatures and  haze floating around the air.


Our custom spun A Pure & Simple Wool in 100% Aquilana wool is the yarny core  as it is perhaps the most expressive base that can enhance little details, shades shifts or speckles in its smooth surface thanks to the single ply structure, with a nice bounce and a gorgeous stitch definition.

Subscriptions open again on MAY 26 at 8.00pm CET until JUNE 2

With your Club you 'll get:
3 skeins of A Pure and Simple Wool  handyed inspired by the photograph - 100g / 300 m each - 900m total

1 A5 print in fineart of this edition photograph portraing two roe deer  fooling around right before sunset by @agricolalemoire Matteo Sorrentino


You have the possibility to add more skeins in the Club colorway , just use the drop down menu in this page.


Shipping will start in mid June


This is the first instalment of a big project we've been eager to develop for a long time now. In fact, this is the first of a collection of 4 Clubs in total,  and each of them will mark a different season of the year; the first 3 will launch in 2023, whereas the 4th will be launched in early 2024.


As the name suggests each club will gather two great passions and two artistic ways of perceiving the world that surrounds us: dyeing yarn and photography. We figured to start each Club from an image, that would lead the mood for our hand dyeing; also, we decided to connect the main imagery with a subject tha will be common in all the instalments: nature is the model pictured in different photographs, or better some wild inhabitants of our lands, that are portraited in distinctive instants of their daily life.


We chose to ask  Matteo Sorrentino @agricolalemoire to care for the photoshooting, as he's actually a passionate wildlife photographer, along being a cashmere goat breeder, Lanivendole's web master (and occasionally also our samples photographer....), and he usually meanders the Appennines between Piemonte and Liguria to make gorgeous photos, and his vision is so close to ours, that this seemed to be a doomed choice.

The photo was taken by Matteo Sorrentino in a meadow in Valbormida, a valley that connects Piemonte and Liguria


Please note: you are free to buy just this Club, or one of the following ones, there's no commitment to take all the collection!