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A Stormy Blend DK - Woollen Bundles

Questo prodotto al momento è esaurito.


70% Brogna Wool
30% Alpaca

DK (uk 2 ply) weight with 100g – 220m


Last year we experimented with a batch of A Stormy Blend DK with a woollen spun structure, but we decided not to reproduce it and opt for a semi worsted this year.

So here you find the last skeins of this base that were left from 2020 edition. 


You find the following listings:


2 skeins of 90g each, col.1 Zefiro + 1 Quercia

3 skeins of  266g altogether, each skein weight may vary, col. Rame

2 skeins of 200g altogether,  each skein weight may vary, col. Luce

1 skein of 100g , col. Perla