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A Chic Blend

20% Mohair - 60% Abruzzese wool

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m

A Stormy blend - Fingering

70% Brogna wool

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m


100% alpaca

Light Sport weight with 100g – 350m

Heavenly blend BUNDLE

50% Abruzzese wool - 25% Italian cashmere

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m

The Twisty Chic

20% Mohair - 60% Brogna wool

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m


“Boccioli” is a shawl that seems to be born exactly for our homonymous shade of  A Chic Blend; in fact, when the pattern was still a draft in Valentina Cosciani's hands, the name had been already chosen, and as soon as she found out that we had a memorable shade with the same name, and on the base she longed to use for the shawl... it looked like a doomed match!


The shawl is asymmetrical, with edges worked in twisted ribs and refined with an I-cord. The design reminds of branches filled with buds and berries, laying on a reverse stockinette stitch floor, and despite the charts may look complex, the motif is quite easy to remember and repeat.


Onceyou get to the desired height, that can be adapted according to the yarn yardage you have, you proceed to the bud lace section, that will cover the width of the shawl.

The original  sample is knitted in Boccioli colorway, while our sample is made with Chopin. This awesome piece can be knitted with any of our fingering bases - Stormy - Twisty - Heavenly - or even Aura , that you can find ready to ship in our Shop.


PLEASE NOTE: the pattern will be released on Friday October 21 and will be available to purchase on Ravelry , and is not included with the yarn purchase


Length: 230 cm in the longest side and 140 cm in the shortest side


 A Chic Blend -60% abruzzese wool, 20% alpaca, 20% mohair -  225 m  x 50g: 5 skeins (1125 m).


Needles 4 mm. Adapt needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.
2 cable needles.



14 m e 26 rows = 10 cm worked in reverse stockinette stitch after blocking.

Actually the gauge isn't crucial for you start at the narrowest corner, and can easily adaptthe length according to the yardage you have. 

Itis essential to block strongly your finished project, in order to show off better the buds motif.