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Aestiva Bag



A reusable paper bag with soft cotton handles, this is a perfect bag to carry along  yarn and WIPs, with an elegant printed illustration that celebrates  Aestiva .

Please note that  this is a Limited Edition Bag that we conceived for this special new base.




The bag is made of a mix of high-strength FSC papers sewn together to obtain a soft, crispy, resistant, tear-proof vintage looking material.


 100% natural and recyclable, with use it takes on different shapes and shades; you may  use it, reuse it, mistreat it, and it will be more and more beautiful.


It can carry up to a maximum weight of 8 kg, it has been tested / mistreated, carrying the maximum load for a period of 15 days without finding damages that compromise its use. Resistant to moisture but not to big water quantities.


Designed and crafed in Italy



The bag is 35 x 30 cm, with a 12cm deep base, that provides a failrly large space inside and a pyramidal shape.

Cotton handles are 12cm high, so it's perfect to be carried as a handbag.



Soft and light grey base with beige handles and illustration.