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Our Yarn Club is conceived to create a special treat for knitters and makers alike to celebrate our Italian yarns and the talented handwork of some Italian artisans we fell in love with, to compose a bundle of exclusive accessories, curated for this occasion, so that each one is unique and unrepeatable.

It is a secret club, so we will give you just a few hints but it won't be fully shared the inside of the club until you've all received it and opened it!

The theme refers to a song that we happened to love, it's The Sea by Morcheeba: a gentle rhythm that takes you to a perfect moment walking on a pier, staring at the quiet life occurring around.

We 'll be dyeing inspired by this environment, and the colorway will be exclusive for the club, so try to imagine all the little treasures that you may find on the beach after a storm… try to imagine that peculiar salty smell in the air… try to feel your feet creating crimpy footprints strolling up and down the shore…

We searched for artisans that could exalt these ideas in their artwork, keeping in mind that our aim is to insert accessories that could be awesome, but also handy of course.


- Four skeins of our new custom spun blend A Stormy Blend woollen spun, hand dyed by us in hues inspired by the theme of the club;

Each skein is 50 gr - 225 m in 70% Abruzzese wool, 30% Italian alpaca.

Like all our yarns it's bred and handcrafted in Italy, handdyed by us and contains only natural and traceable fibres.

- One knitting accessory handcrafted by isewsoidontkillpeople. Marianna's Manifesto for her project has conquered us at the first time we saw her creations: it's perfectly summarized by the words Boldness, Imperfection, Unicity, and Living Energy that she holds as principles to express in her manufacts. Her hands expertly work to create slowly curated accessories, with natural materials and thoughtful details.

- One knitting accessory handcrafted by Eleonora and Alice, the creative duo behind  Last One Stones. Their energy is focused to give birth to raw and simple materials, and transform them into special jewels. The aspect that hooked us was that their whole main theme is to collect items from the sea

Some more info :

- Subscriptions will close on JANUARY 30, unless they go sold out before;

- Shipping will be scheduled in the first week of February

- We decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are handcrafted especially for this event and all unique, so don't wait too much to decide, or you may be disappointed.