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Chic + Twisty Tiny Bundle

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This bundle is made of 3 skeins of fingering weight in different shades, providing 150g and 675m of yarn combined into fairly tonal gradations.

The skeins in each bundle are mostly OOAKK, as they were dyed to test some shades, or are single pieces of past batches/dyelots.


Please note that each bundle you receive is unique, as some skeins may be the same in a couple of listings, but some other may differ slightly in the speckles/ base colorway from the picture you see , but the whole effect of the colors combination is coherent.


EG: you may find a stronger or lighter yellow , or  a pink instead of a lilac, but not a completely different shade!


2 x A Chic Blend
60% Abruzzese wool

20% Mohair 

20% Alpaca


1 x The Twisty Chic

60% Brogna wool

20% Mohair 

20% Alpaca