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MINI Chic Blend


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20% Mohair
20% Alpaca
60% Abruzzese wool

Fingering (uk 4 ply) weight with 50g – 225m


We created these cuties using our most versatile base, A Chic Blend, made of our favourite italian fibres: wool, alpaca and mohair. 


They’re blended and worsted spun in local small mills near Biella, and are then skeined and hand dyed in our studio, just like the standard sized sisters,  coming from a traceable, small scale production to create an artisan exquisite yarn. 


MINIS come in 20g - 90m / 2ply skeins in fingering weight.


They're normally in the shop only for special editions like Advent Calendars of Clubs, now they're listed as bundles of 5 skeins yielding  100g / 450 m of yarn, hand dyed in curated combinations of color to kick off some gorgeous details in your knits.



Please note: you can still find some 4 Skeins Bundles of MINIS in the DESTASH Section of the shop, they come from older batches of A Chic Blend and therefore are now discounted, but you may enjoy them along with these new ones