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Seasonal Portraits Club - WINTER

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100% Aquilana wool


This Club is dedicated  to those brief moments when you stop a while and have a look beyond daily life, and take a deep dive in each season mood.

Images guide us to explore nature and feelings evoked.


WINTER Edition is the  third step of this journey, and is devoted to that sense of vibrancy and whiteness we feel amidst a snowy field



Early in the morning we wake up and it's all covered by a thin white layer

we were waiting for it: the last snowfall before winter ends .

Every year it  comes to put an end to gloomy days and welcome the return of light.

After a season when we curled in the warmth of our nests knitting chunky garments, this snowy day brings a new vibe that make us want to go outside in the fresh air 

Stay in the snow and linger in its glow, in the silence of muffled sounds 

The only sound we hear is birds chirping that fly around in a frantic research of food

their feathers stand out in the snow whiteness  

with their flights they share a sene of vitality and peace 

just like stitches that form our knitted fabric one after another



A chaffinch is resting on a branch under a snowfall.

The tiny bird, with its plump body and vibrant plumage, contrasts  against the pristine white backdrop of falling snowflakes, its feathers, ruffled by the chilly breeze, puff up.

For an istant it seems that everything is paused, with the white glow of snowflakes falling around padding all the noise and brightening the landscape. In a blink of an eye the tiny bird will start its flight again in search for seedlings and food.


With this image in mind we thought about the yarn shade of thi edition: an ice white base, freckled with lots of  tiny vibrant spots, just like sun reflections over snowy surfaces.. they're a changing caleidoscope as tender feathers, amidst slight dark shadows that reaccl wooden branches spotting out of the snow. 


Seasonal Portraits Club - WINTER opens 

on FEBRUARY 23 at 8.00pm CET until MARCH 1




With your Club you 'll get:
3 skeins of A Pure and Simple Wool  handyed inspired by the photograph - 100g / 300 m each - 900m total

1 A5 print in fineart of this edition photograph portraiting a chaffinch resting on a branch under a snowfall by @agricolalemoire Matteo Sorrentino

1 Set of handmade natural soap bars and an exfoliating wool sponge by ARKADE Oli del Risveglio, with essential oils conceived for his mood

1 Set of 6 handpainted ceramic buttons by Atelier Camelir, sized 18mm in diameter each, in a dedicated shade matching beautifully with the yarn

2 Stitch Markers we assembled with awesome ceramic pendants handpainted by Atelier Camelir 


You have the possibility to add more skeins in the Club colorway, just use the drop down menu in this page.

Shipping will start in after March 13





Please note that this is a Limited Edition , and the whole content is available only for this event.


Our custom spun A Pure & Simple Wool in 100% Aquilana wool is the yarny core  as it is perhaps the most expressive base that can enhance little details, shades shifts or speckles in its smooth surface thanks to the single ply structure, with a nice bounce and a gorgeous stitch definition.


We chose to ask  Matteo Sorrentino to care for the photoshooting, as he's actually a passionate wildlife photographer, along being a cashmere goat breeder, Lanivendole's web master (and occasionally also our samples photographer....), and he usually meanders the Appennines between Piemonte and Liguria to make gorgeous photos, and his vision is so close to ours, that this seemed to be a doomed choice.


We got in touch with Cecile's work during some of our yarn shows abroad, and her carefully curated and elegant creations  on caved creamics really enchanted us.  So we decided to realize a refined set for this Club edition together with her, focusing on colors and shapes that would enhance our mood and meet her style. We came up with tiny bundles of magic and are so thrilled to have matched with  Atelier Camelir for this last instalment of our Club!


Inspired by this edition palette and the job set up with Cecile, we searched for another peculiar accessory, and found a truly unique project from Sardinia; it's an artisanal gem developed by Sonia with knowledge and passion, : Arkade Oli del risveglio creates artisanal soapsusing natural ingredients as  olive and coconut oil and essences, so we thought with Sonia which ones could better evoke our mood for this Club and found 2 solutions that look just perfect for winter season, and finished addin a special touch: a crocheted scrub sponge made of natural sardinian wool.

The soap set contains:

- an ORANGE&SAINT JOHN'S WORT soap bar made from Hypericum oil prepared with olive oil and Saint John's wort flowers, coconut oil, water,  preparato con olio d'oliva e fiori d'iperico, olio di cocco, acqua,sodium hydroxide, grape seed oil, shea butter, sweet orange essential oil.

- an  HONEY&CINNAMON soap bar made from olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, grape seed oil, shea butter, honey, cinnamon essential oil.





This is the fourth instalment of a big project we've been eager to develop for a long time now. In fact, this is part of a collection of 4 Clubs in total,  and each of them has marked a different season of the year; the first was launched in March 2023, whereas the 4th and last is this one.

As the name suggests each club has gathered two great passions and two artistic ways of perceiving the world that surrounds us: dyeing yarn and photography. We figured to start each Club from an image, that would lead the mood for our hand dyeing; also, we decided to connect the main imagery with a subject tha will be common in all the instalments: nature is the model pictured in different photographs, or better some wild inhabitants of our lands, that are portraited in distinctive instants of their daily life.